Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sculpey Clay embellishments

Hello everyone,
I made some fun clay embellishments with sculpey clay.  My son had seen a video on You Tube and wanted to try working with some clay and molds.  So we ordered a few from Molds4You on Etsy and Moldsrus.  He also picked out one with stars that was by Martha Stewart on a trip to Michael's for adhesive on Monday.  The other night we worked on them and he and I both had a lot of fun making different things.  He even made a little clay man!  I made some fun light pink embellishments.  Here is a quick video on my You Tube channel with the results if you are interested:

Happy Crafting!
: )  Jill

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  1. Jill, that was so interesting! Those are some beautiful embellishments. I also love that you and your son found an interest together!


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