Thursday, January 31, 2013

Craft Room Idea #1

Hello Friends,

Some of you may know that I am in the process of re-organizing my craft room.  Like any good craft room re-do ideas and projects seem to multiply as you get into it.  I thought I would share a few of my craft room storage ideas on the blog over the next few weeks.  Here is my first: 

Today I was at the thrift store hunting for anything white and sturdy that I could place my 12x12 paper holders on when I spied these:

 You might be wondering... Jill - what the heck are these?  And why would you even buy them?   Well....they are Rationell Pot Lid Racks from IKEA that I found at the thrift store. But what I saw in my head (with 5 minutes of my time and a can of  Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze Paint because they were totally out of my very favorite colors at BOTH STORES) was this:

This lovely little 6x6 Paper Pad Holder is now attached to the foundation post that sits a couple feet behind my main craft desk.  I always like to have a few of my favorite paper pads out near my desk (for easy reach and colorful inspiration) but I prefer to not have them ON my desk as it isn't that big and I like space when I am stamping. This is the perfect solution.  It also gives you a peak into my craft room which is a big mess right now!  

I am in the process of REALLY organizing everything and labeling, labeling, labeling!!!!  Crafting is quicker when you know exactly where everything is.  Over the past few years, before my husband passed away, my craft stuff was moved out of the way to make room for a "bedroom" of sorts for the family member's helping out and often staying at our house during his almost 2 year illness. (Thank God for my wonderful Family and Friends who saw us through and continue to support us!)  It has been almost a year since my sweet Stuart passed and the bed is now gone - given to a family in need over Christmas break which made me happy - so I am finally re-organizing the basement and taking my craft stuff out of boxes and getting it set up in the additional space that is now available.  

I also mentioned in reply emails to some of you who I get chatty with (I just love my blog friends by the way!) that I am building a large crafting table.  I am using two Closetmaid 9 cube bookcases and a hollow core, non-drilled door (ie: no doorknob holes etc) of the same width as the bookcases to "build" it for around $100.00 total.

  Once I finish building the table and putting things in their newly organized places I will post some pictures of my completed space.  I may even hunt up a "before" picture of the tiny space I was working in until recently - if I can find one.

My little one is home from school and we have a free day tomorrow - day between semesters - so I am off to spend some time with him doing something FUN!
I hope you enjoyed my first little tip!
Please note: When I checked the IKEA web site the pot rack appears to be discontinued.  But has something similar: HERE

I have a lovely Pinterest Board called "Craft Spaces and Storage Ideas"  if you want additional inspiration.  One of my favorite spaces is from a new blog friend named Winnie.  Check out her space:  HERE
I have another link that I love too of a room completely done from found and fixed-up items but I can't find the link tonight.  Do you have a favorite craft space idea?  I would love to hear it if you want to share it in the comments.
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  1. Love your paper holder Jill. The color is so pretty...I love to call it Martha Stewart blue! Great idea to use a pot cover holder. Very creative! Your room looks like a lot of fun! I am looking forward to seeing how your desk turns out. I love the idea of using a door. Reminds me of the show Junk Gypsies who make tables and furniture out of cool things. They made a light fixture out of a vintage banjo once. Enjoy the day with your son! TGIF! Can't wait until 5 pm so I can relax and yes....stamp!

  2. Oh my goodness Jill! Well ,I see a very large craft room ! Your paper stack holder turned out great. Was the wall already there? Love the blue you chose. You are one busy girl. Looks like plenty of room for Tim to craft or just hang out with you.

  3. Jill, you are amazing! Can't believe you are building a craft desk...I think this "paper stack holder" is brilliant. Do show more photos pleeeeeze :)

  4. Oh wow Jill, I love your paper rack idea!

  5. oh wow! this is awesome Jill... going to get clicky on your links! hehe Thank YOU!

  6. Hi Jill! I just know what you mean!!!! All my scrapbook stuff and all the OTHER stuff has just been moved from one room to another in my house, and I'm trying to make it work...but it sure takes a lot of time and effort!! I love your racks for your paper! Sure wish I could use that idea in my room...but no wall space and no columns....just shelves! But I make do.
    Thanks so much for sharing your room and ideas with us...I am really looking forward to seeing more!!

  7. Wow, what a great idea, who would have though "paper holder" from "pot lid holder"?!? But I get it now, and it looks perfect in your room! Would love to see more of your craft space ... looks like a ton of fun things happen in there! Good luck with the desk ... can't wait to see pics!


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