Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Mother's Day....a little late....

Hello Friends,
I am finally posting! Yay!!!  I have been away from my blog for about 3 weeks due to a variety of things the last of which has been a bout with a nasty virus.  Today is the first chance I have had to post anything.

I actually made about 8 cards last week for Teacher Appreciation but totally forgot to photograph any of them! (Hard to believe I know!!)  I normally make them well ahead of time but didn't get to it until the last minute this year...way too much happening with baseball, school routines, science fair, Mother's Day and then getting sick on top of it. 

So...I am just posting a single Mother's Day card that I made for my lovely Mother this year.  She is such an incredible woman.  She and my dear Dad raised 7 children together and have 6 grandchildren. They are the most amazing parents!  Happy Mother's Day Mom!  What a blessing you are to all of our lives! 

I also wanted to wish all of you amazing women out there in blog-land a Happy Mother's Day too!  Whether you are an Aunt, a Grandma, a Mother, a friend, a teacher, a neighbor, or a mentor to a child you make a difference in there lives and help them to become who they are.  I know that my son is blessed with many special Auntie's who hold a special place in his heart! They include my 4 sisters -  Natalie, Joanna, Beth Ann and Diana.  What a blessing they are to him!  And to me - especially since Stuart passed away!!!  I received the most beautiful flowers for Mother's Day from my sister's and parents this year.  It is a hard day for me with Stuart no longer by my side.  Without his love I would not be a Mother to my sweet boy Timothy!  It has always been a day that I took time to thank him for making me a Mother and it is still a strange world to not have him by my side.  My family did a wonderful job of making my day special this year so I say thank you to them.  And I pray that everyone that was missing their Mother or someone special in their lives this year was comforted by the memories of happy times they shared in the past.

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  1. So pretty, Jill...and so sorry to hear you've been sick. I'm sure hoping my family is done with the sickies for the summer...some of those things hung on forever...and kept coming back to haunt us;) Glad you're feeling better and looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations. And speaking of Teacher Appreciation...Monday is my kids' last day of school...YIKES...better get busy!

  2. Jill this is so beautiful for Mother's Day and I am so sorry that you have not been feeling well. No fun being for even a day for several weeks is awful. Happy to see you back in blog land.

  3. What a lovely card you made for your mom! Love the shape and the pleats! I am sure she loved it. I had to smile reading your post. I am one of 6 kids, and the support of my sibs was amazing as well when I lost Charlie. My sisters kept me going when I had trouble justing "being". How blessed are we to have our families! Hope you had a great Mother's Day with your son!

  4. I am so happy your beautiful family did their best to make your day a happy one. I am very sorry it was still a very hard day without Stuart. It's good to hear from you. You and Timothy are blessed with a wonderful family. The card you made for your mom is gorgeous! I like the tissue paper as one layer and pretty bow. I can't believe you forgot to take pictures of all the teacher projects either. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Big hugs !!!!!

  5. So HAPPY your family was there to make your day wonderful. It definitely is hard when holidays come around. LOVE your card, the shape, the colors, and the pretty papers! Missed you!

  6. Beautiful Jill! Your mom raising 7 children is amazing! My grandmother raised 11 of her 12. I can not imagine having that many kids. Different times!

    I know your mother treasured this!

  7. Such a beautiful card for your mom! Your family sounds like a wonderful support for you. I've been gone a while from blogland, it was so nice to come back and see a friendly face in my comments. I say, "yes, get a Silhouette!" I've had mine for about five years and I'm not very tech savvy.

  8. Jill, what a beautiful card to create for your mom. I am sure she is just as blessed to have a daughter like you as you are to have her as a mom. I am so sorry to hear about Stuart and how hard occasions like these are without him. I am sure you are a pillar of strength for your son and one Mother's Day a year is simply not enough to celebrate the person and the mom you are! I sincerely hope the blessings of Mother's Day continue on for you throughout the year! Sending many, many hugs your way.


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