Saturday, August 6, 2011

Be Strong Clear Stamp set from Just Rite Stamps...

Just logging on to share that Just Rite Stamps has come out with a beautiful set of stamps for those of us that need to make cards for family and friends that are fighting cancer.  It is a beautiful set designed by Amy Tedder who is a 6 year survivor of ovarian cancer.  I ordered this set yesterday and will be using it to make cards for many of my friends that are battling this disease. 

Here is a picture of this stamp set from their website:

Here is a color chart for cancer ribbons for use during your cardmaking...this is also from the Just Rite Stamps blog:

Ribbon Color Chart2-1
A health tip for all of us:
Remember to eat mostly fruits and veggies - especially green veggies - each day.  Eat only whole grains and very few bread/pasta/white foods overall.  NO processed meats at all if you can do so!  Organic chicken and turkey occasionally.  Eating whole raw foods each day is vital to staying healthy!!  And if you can, get a good juicer that doesn't kill enzymes and drink a green juice each day at least once!  If you put some cucumber in it the taste is quite fresh!  It is raw health in a glass!  My husband and I are really working on this in our efforts to beat his grade 4 primary brain cancer!

God Bless us one and all!

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