Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some more cards with bleach - just for fun...

Here are some more cards I played around with today using the bleaching technique from Make it Monday: HERE...not sure if I like them but thought I would post a pic just for fun....

 The first card I did (featured in my last post) is at the top.  The three I played around with after that one are below and to the sides.
I think out of all of them this is my favorite - though it still needs some help before I would want to mail it out.  I like the way the clouds look with the bleach and second generation over stamping on some of them.  I think the balloons look artistic in real life (I colored over the bleach with copics) but it doesn't translate well in the photo.  I think the round part of the sun in the upper right needs something...haven't decided what yet - maybe some copic marker coloring?.

 I overstamped the bleached animals slightly offset but you can't tell with this light cardstock - darker colors do work better.
This one I totally just played with.  It has an artsy feel in real life.  Again the bleachy/artistic look doesn't translate well in the photos...

Anyway....I hear my niece arriving upstairs with my dear son.  They just returned from a swim session at Grandma's so my play time is at a close.  I had a horrible migraine last night and most of today and my niece came and got Tim at noon to take him swimming and visiting at my parents house.   Anyway I am off to spend some quality time with my sweet little one.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Thanks for looking at my playful bleached cards!  I sure had fun "messing" around this should see my messy craft space!  Ugh!  Time to pick up!



  1. All three came out great, Jill! I especially like the second one (probably cause I really love making baby girl cards and those polka dotted animals are too cute :)

  2. Love'em Jill!! You really have been having a good time with bleach! The sky and clouds, the butterflies, that sweet little clothes line~ all really great!

  3. Each of these is so cute! I've loved using this technique and it looks like you did too.
    Sorry you were misdirected when you visited my blog-not quite sure how I sent everyone back to the last post, but thanks for visiting anyway! I always appreciate a comment. :)

  4. Well you've been busy, Jill! Fantastic! The dreamy clouds turned out really well with the bleach. Love it!

  5. These are soooo cute Jill! Fabulous technique too!

  6. Had to stop by again ... my dear Aunt and Uncle lived in Glen Ellyn most of their lives (Ben and Jane Gurney). We live in Lake Zurich now. Love the area! We go to the city every other week in the summer on adventures and ALWAYS end up in Lake Michigan. It's been so hot that the lake has actually been WARM all summer, if you can believe it. I can't remember that ever happening until, oh, mid August at least!


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