Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thinking of you....

I made a card for this week's Make it Monday #93 - Splitting Die Cuts.  I had this idea, as soon as I saw the video, of creating a frame with the straight die cut piece from the new Shape Up Series -sweater die collection. 

Well I must say I had somewhat a comedy of errors while making this card.  I was able to create the frame pieces from the die cut quite easily having cut lots of trim pieces for my house when I first purchased it back in the early 1990's.  However - when I went to glue the frame pieces onto my card I didn't have it centered correctly and had to move it around which left some glue marks on my card.  After some creative trimming and layering, as well as some strategic glitter glue placement, I hope that you cannot tell?  (Why do I have such hard time just throwing the card away and starting over?  It is just paper after all???)  It is the whole "waste not, want not" from my childhood and the recycle/reuse thing also. card:
The coloring was done with colored pencils and as always I will preface by saying coloring is not my strong suit - AT ALL!!  The jute bow tied through the card was due to a hole that I created by accident....I told you - comedy of errors while making this one!!! I just added a second hole and tied the jute through the card and made the long bow.

Thanks for taking a look at my card!  I just love this Winter Hills stamp set!
:) Jill


  1. Ha! We all have our 'mistakes' ready to be reused someday. Good thing you didn't throw this one away, it's lovely. The glitter was a perfect touch.

  2. Your card looks beautiful, Jill. I love the wintery scene you 'framed'.
    PS: Don't think you are alone ~ I have a whole drawer full of mistakes (cards) that needed to be thrown out :o)

  3. Really creative Jill, love your frame.

  4. I'm LOL at your description - stray glue - been there, done that - but an accidental hole?! More details are needed. The card is beautiful - love the idea of the sweater ribbing creating a frame - super clever!

  5. I love your winter hills card, and it sounds like you had quite the fun time making it.... Join the club. Lol. Not sure why we try to save a card...... But look how well it turned out. It's beautiful Jill, love the frame idea , your coloring and gold is gorgeous...... Wonderful!

  6. Wow, this is just so beautiful, not a set I have because I don't color but you did an amazing job and I love all of the glitter too.


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