Friday, March 22, 2013

MIM#108 - Inked Backgrounds and some craft shelving for my stamps...

Here with a quick post for Papertrey Ink's Make it Monday #108 "Inked Backgrounds".  I needed a wedding card for my dear friend Kyleen who is getting married this weekend to her Rudy.

Here is what I came up with:

This photo taken outside while it was snowing this morning is the only one I like and shows the truest colors:

This photo (below) shows the whole card but the colors are a lot brighter than in real life - taken inside in my light tent:
 I embossed in white and then after inking the background with various pink inks I grabbed some copics in pinks and greens and colored the embossing....

Stamps:  PTI Mini Blooms.
Cardstock: Sweet blush and Linen vellum
Dies: all PTI
Copic Markers and embossing powder - white.

Continue reading if you are interested in a little CRAFT ROOM UPDATE and some new shelves and storage items:

Some of you know that I am working on re-organizing and purging my craft goodies.  For the first time ever I have a little bit more space to spread out in - in the basement of my house.  For a long time my space was very, very small - just a table and a small cart.  

One of the projects that I have wanted and needed is some shelving for my stamps.  This is one of the projects I have now completed.  I ordered and built two tall white CD/DVD storage towers from HERE.  I wanted something very tall to use the vertical space in my room which is why I chose these.

I set one unit up to hold CD sized cases (the old style Papertrey Ink sets fit in here for example).  The other is set up to hold DVD sized cases.  I have many of my stamps from a variety of companies stored in DVD cases and they are now on the shelf next to my desk which makes them so easy to pull out and USE!!!

Here are some photos:
 I still have lots of empty spaces and open shelves left as my collection continues to grow over time.

 I purchased the turquoise baskets from the dollar store and they hold my smaller size sets - like the $5.00 sets from Papertrey Ink which I use all the time - shown in the photo below:
 These baskets are still mostly empty so I have lots of room to grow into them too and could even combine them more in the future if the space is needed.  I love how easy it is to pull a basket out and take it to my desk or just stand and flip through to get the set that I need.

I also put general label headings on each shelf that holds CD or DVD cases so that I know where to look for particular sets....see below:

I love how much time it saves to have everything labeled and sorted like this finally.  Before I had no space for shelves and had things stored in photo boxes under my little desk.  It was no fun getting down on the floor to try and find a set that I wanted to use.  The shelves on the other hand make finding stamp sets sheer and total BLISS!  It is just so EASY to find what I need! Space, organized and labeled space, really does make creating faster and more enjoyable.  

Here are a couple more organizational items I have been painting lately:
A small (6" round) two-tier basket I got in brown at Ross Dress for Less becomes bright with some spray paint.  I have found that in my dark basement bright colors are very, very, very welcome!

A straight on view...oops I see in the picture that I need to use a paintbrush to finish painting the wood handle....but you get the holds my fabric tapes and Washi tapes.  I have used them WAY MORE since I put them in here and set them on my new giant work table....

Below: Another item that sits on my desk and holds some of my wood-mounted birthday stamps.  These are some of the very first stamps I ever purchased when I started card making to help use up my scraps from scrapbooking. 

 I like to have birthday stamps out on my desk as sometimes I need a card or tag for a gift in a hurry and that way I can just reach up and use them!  So easy plus this little stand is like a 3-tiered birthday cake full of stamps to gaze at which is a gift to myself in inspiration every single day!  I love surrounding myself with things that make me smile!

 Here is a view of it at my desk - sorry about the lighting but this was taken this morning and that is the best I could do with the lights available and the snow falling down....
Okay - that is it for me...thanks for looking! 


  1. Love it all! Your room is going to be so organized!

  2. So much to comment on LOL:
    1st it snowed today?! I don't remember ever getting snow this late in the year in the PNW!
    2nd love the card - especially using the copics to color the white embossed image BRILLIANT idea
    3rd love your stamp storage - I really need to rethink mine - like the baskets for the $5 stamp sets

  3. Jill....we r due for a huge snow this weekend! I can't believe's spring!!!!! Your stamp storage and organization is amazing! I really need to get my hiney in gear and do this. I'm struggling to catch up now that PTI has been without cd cases for their sets now for over a year. Sadly many are still in the packaging. I wish they hadn't gotten rid of them!!! Send me some motivation please! :). Your card is amazing and absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Jill, the card turned out so lovely!!!! Beautiful design!!! And your organizing...I'm jealous! I told myself I would invest some of my Christmas cash on storage this year, but what did I do???...bought more stamps and supplies instead...and now I'm even more unorganized!!! Sure happy for you, looks great, and so handy!

  5. LOVE the inked background and your storage ideas are so Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Your room is FAB!

  6. Such a pretty card Jill. She will love it! I was thinking that when I use my light box/tent, I have the lights on, flash off on the camera and the macro button on. I am not sure if that will help you with your camera for color. Thought it couldn't hurt for you to try.
    I love your shelves and baskets. You will love them. I have my Papertrey in my cd towers and it is great. I am sitting here wanting a basket like yours for my tapes too! Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Hey Jill, Your wedding card is so beautiful! I'm sure your friend will love it.
    That stamp case shelving is fabulous and your pretty painted tiered holders look so festive.
    LOVE all the organizing and creative ideas TFS, Sweetie!

  8. Jill, your card is lovely, perfect background, so soft. The white florals are striking, especially with the Copic accents. OK, one negative on your super organized unit of yummy perfection? I see empty spaces. That means more PTI! LOL! Congrats, enjoy it all!

  9. Jill your embossed card is beautiful, I like the first photo . I like the true colors too and that is why I took my light box back ( my poor husband… ) .
    What a treat to see all you have done in the basement in the way of organizing. Wow! You have done an amazing job! I love the way you have your stamps in the CD and DVD cases so easy to find. I also really like how you have your first stamps displayed. When my husband made me some shelves a few weeks ago, I have all my loose ribbon and notions in wire baskets too. So easy to get and put back. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!


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