Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I feel Merry....oh so Merry! And I love Glue Dots!

Edited to add:  So excited to have received a shout-out for this card!  You can see the post with all of the incredible entries as well as the shout-outs and this challenge's winner on the Festive Friday blog: HERE

Hi Everyone,
First I have some new followers to my blog this month and want to say welcome!  I am always so touched when someone decides to follow my little Greenwood Girl Cards blog. Yay!
I am feeling a little, all right a LOT, care-free today as my taxes are finally DONE!!!!  Yay!!!!  So relieved to have them finished after this very tough year....

To that end I was feeling very MERRY and decided to make a card that has been in my head since I saw this graphic and made my first round of "Merry" cards for FFC#4 on this post: HERE

Here is the graphic I am referring to at the Festive Friday blog:

Ever since I saw the graphic, at the very first moment, I just kept thinking "Christmas Ornament", "Christmas Ornament!"  And it was still in my head this morning when I woke up...anyone else wake up with card ideas in their heads???

So I made this:

The pretty red-music paper is a digital product from Crafty Secrets from one of their CD's.  I love, love, LOVE being able to print out as much of this paper as I need for Christmas Cards.  I hand-cut the ornament topper out of some kraft cardstock and cardboard paper.  Then I added some "Holly Berry" trendy twine from HERE tied up in a nice bow to embellish my ornament.  I made the card 5x5 so that the topper which extends off of the card front will still fit in a 6x6 envelope when it is time for mailing.  I also put glossy accents in the cutout space of each word.  It was not quite dry when I took the picture and I noticed that the inserts on my lower letter 'e' are shifting a bit in the photo but I didn't notice as I was actually taking the photo (of course)!  Soooo... just please ignore it as I am headed out the door and don't have time to re-take it today!  Just call me calamity Jill....

One more quick thing to share.....I love me some glue dots as I am sure many of you do too.  Thought I would share how I store mine:

 This little wood box was found at the thrift store in my neighborhood here in Seattle.  I saw it and the round curved inside, see next photo below:
 and knew that it would work perfectly to store my glue dots at home!  I have painted it several times over the past couple of years but the latest rendition is this pretty turquoise color.  I can't tell you how much time it saves me having a spot for each size of glue dot that I use - micro, mini, and craft. 

Thanks for your visit! 
You are in my thoughts Meredith....and your entire Family too!
:) Jill



  1. Another great storage piece, Jill. I love this color and the white in your craft room ~ it is so fresh and cheery.

  2. Such a cool ornament! Perfect for the Merry! What a great box you decorated to hold your glue dots! I have mine in their boxes in an acrylic box on my desk. Love your easy access!! Never saw a box with that type of inside, perfect call!!

  3. Love the card with the music background Jill! Oh and that box is great with the curved bottom what a wonderful find. You will have so many coordinating craft containers in that teal.

  4. What a fun card - love the musical background and the green and red twine!

  5. CUTE, Jill! Love the music peeking through you 'merry windows';)!!! So glad you're enjoying our challenges...happy for you that taxes are DONE...and what a clever little storage idea!!

  6. Oh, Jill, you're so sweet. Thank you for that last line :)

    I LOVE this card!! What a fantastic idea based on the graphic, and it turned out so perfectly! I love seeing your cards in our gallery, so please keep playing with us!

  7. Amazing card Jill and your glue dot holder is just too cute and what a great way to store your dots.

  8. I love all your cards and I think you are so talented Jill!!
    The 'merry merry card' is simply beautiful!
    You've got a new follower : )


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