Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stamp-A-Faire 2013 - Opening Color/Sketch Challenge

My sister Natalie with her first ever card and my son Tim on Stamp-A-Faire Day 2013

Hello Friends,
Did you all have fun crafting this weekend - either at home or away as part of Stamp-A-Faire?  I had a grand time though in all honesty I didn't actually make a "whole" project yet.  I just dabbled and played with tea-dying, paper clay and shrink art mainly and then spent the rest of the day outside with my son playing with the neighbor kids and enjoying the last of the summer weather here in Seattle.

Tonight I have been having problems accessing Nichole Heady's blog "Capture the Moment" to try and upload to the Stamp-A-Faire links.  I keep getting an error code and the site then goes down.  My computer and every other site I am using are working fine so it may be that Nichole's blog is experiencing problems or that we are all trying to watch videos and/or access/upload at the same time and the sight is going down from that? 

Anyway I am going to just share a little bit about my Stamp-A-Faire day with you and not worry about adding my items to the in-linkz lists on Nichole's blog or about uploading the color story and sketch photos that we chose to use.  :) 

I was blessed to have one of my sisters, Natalie, come over to spend the morning with me in my craft room.  My sister Natalie is a wonderful painter and artist but is not familiar with stamping and card-making.  She needed a birthday card for her husband so I enjoyed showing her how to make a card and do some stamping for the very first time!  We giggled a lot and I laughed at myself because I am not used to telling someone all of the little tips and tricks that I have learned over the years!  My lack of teaching skills resulted in a few mishaps along the way but for a first attempt I thought Natalie did extremely well!  Most importantly we got to have girl time together (while crafting which is a bonus) which is what sisterhood of any kind is all about!  Here is a picture of her inking up and stamping for the first time!

Here is a picture of her finished card:
And the inside:

The stamps on the inside are not PTI stamps.  They are wood stamps that sit on a stand on my desk all the time and are some of my favorite "inside the card" sentiments.

Did you tea-dye any fabric?  I thought I would share what my fabric looked like before and after:
I love the tea-dyed color that I got and cannot wait to make something.  I started a card but to be honest I was tired and couldn't seem to create anything.  So I took a break from creating and my sister and I went outside to visit for a while before she needed to leave.  There is always tomorrow....and the next day...and so on.

I want to thank Nichole and all the wonderful team members at Papertrey Ink for such fantastic inspiration!  The tutorials and videos were so much fun to read and watch!  I still have not even seen everything!  It is wonderful to have so much inspiration available for free anytime I want to refer back to it!  My son's favorite part was of course shrinking the plastic with my heat gun!  So fun to watch it change before your eyes!!!  I couldn't take a picture because I was helping him do it! :)

I have seen a few of your posts and it looks like lots of fun and visiting was done by all!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I didn't participate this year but love seeing everyone's creations. Glad you had a fun day anyway! Love the picture of you & your little guy!!

  2. Hey Jill, happy you had some fun time with your sister and got in some crafting as well.
    I am trying to get around to see everyone's projects which I totally missed this weekend cause I was frantically trying to catch up with the SAF videos coming at me fast and furious :^)
    PS: your little man is getting so tall AND very handsome

  3. Hmmm, I was getting error message from Nichole's blog too & just assumed it was a problem with my computer. I peeked at a few of the Stamp-a-faire challenges and will play around with them over the next little while - glad you were able to teach your sister something and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

  4. Love all the pictures you shared here Jill! I think we all got the error message.
    Love the picture of you and Tim! Glad you had fun ! Love the hillside card you made sooo pretty! Sounds like lots of fun with Natalie .


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