Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello....and Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Hello Friends,
Wow!!!! It has been a LONG time since I put a blog post up!!!!  My sister's wedding was a wonderful event all the way back at the end of March!

My brother and I took the pictures for the happy couple and here is my favorite photo of the new Mr. and Mrs Paull from the outdoor shots:

 Aren't they a sweet couple!!!!!!

Here is a candid shot of Tim and his Aunt Beth before the ceremony.  We were in the hotel room hiding before the big event because the guests had begun to arrive...I forget what song they were singing now....

It was a lovely event and we all had a wonderful time!  I was busy processing photos and then some other things came up including touring and selecting a new school for Tim to go to next year.  To be honest I cannot believe it is already June!  School gets out here in Seattle on June 19th!  We cannot wait!  Summer is on its way to the Pacific Northwest!

Father's Day is this weekend and I found zero cards in my stash so this afternoon Tim and I came downstairs to our little art studio in the basement and tried to remember how to make cards!  LOL!  I made a very basic card and felt very rusty while doing so!  Tim however did a WONDERFUL job using my copics and stamps!  Here is what he made for his Grandpa Wendell, Stuart's Father, who we are off to visit this weekend:

The sweet puppy dog and sentiment are from a Sweet N Sassy Stamp set from 2012 called - you guessed it - "Gone Fishin".   Tim wanted the sentiment to look like it was caught on the hook at the end of the line.  I love the way he colored the background and made a sun and cloud as well as a fishing pond and ground.  He worked really hard on this card and I am so proud of him for finishing it!  He has some fine motor and processing skill issues which we go to therapy for each week and he has made great strides this year!  I know that his Grandpa will enjoy receiving it!

Here is the very basic card I made for my Dad using some Lil Inker dies:

 On the inside I added a wonderful sentiment from a Waltzing Mouse Stamp Set called "Man of the Hour"
The sentiment says:  "The Greatest Gift I ever had Came from God I call him DAD".   I love the sentiments in this set!!!  Sorry I did not take a photo of it!  I love the graphic feel of it!

I hope you all enjoy time with the special men in your lives this weekend! And if you, like Tim and I, are missing that special someone I hope that warm memories bring peace to your heart.  I know that we will be sending big hugs to Papa Stuart up in heaven and remembering some wonderful times that we were blessed to have shared with him!

Jill and Tim and our Angel Papa Stuart! :)   


  1. Jill! I just came to your blog the other day to see if you had posted, I have missed you! Your sister is such a beautiful bride, congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Paull. Tim is adorable! Love your Father's Day cards! Welcome back!

  2. I am at a loss for words. Tell Tim his card is wonderful and he did a terrific job with it. Your card is perfect just as it is. It says all it needs to say. I thought of you and Tim today and sent a silent prayer your way. I saw the picture of the three of you and now I share a tear with you as well. Never lose the twinkle in your eyes. It tells me you are alive and well in your spirit. Miss hearing from you dearly. Enjoy being with family over the weekend and we will talk next week.

    Blessings to you both

    Your sister made a beautiful bride and he is a handsome brother-in-law.

  3. Welcome back ! We all missed you! Beth looks beautiful and I love the pictures you shared with us. Beautiful CAS card for your dad love the simplicity of it.
    I am so sorry for your loss and I am sure Father's Day is a tough one . Timmy is adorable and getting big. Hugs my friend ! I can see why you like the picture of Beth and Tim ...... Precious! Love her dress!

  4. Love Tim's card too ,great job!

  5. What a beautiful couple and I enjoyed all of your other photos too! Your sister looked radiant. I know this is a difficult Father's Day for you and little Tim, I will say an extra prayer for both of you. So wonderful to have you back in blogland Jill. Love your card and Tim's too!!

  6. Like Jim said in a comment above me...I had to wipe the tears away before I could post my comments.
    It is so good to see you posting, Your sister made a beautiful bride, and those are really special wedding pics that you will always treasure. Your card and Tims' are so very special...Blessing to you and your family.

  7. So mice to see you back! What a lovely couple! The pic of her with Tim is precious so candid and the best! He did s fabulous job in his grandfathers card! Funny i used that set formithers day for my mom. Wishing you a special day together!

  8. So wonderful to see a post from you Jill! What a wonderful wedding photo (love the blue sky!) and perfect candid shot with Tim :) {{{{hugs}}}} as you both make it through another Father's Day together.

  9. Hey there, Jill! You have been on my mind and I am happy to see your post here!
    Love the cards, the photos of Beth and her hubby and of course, of you and handsome Tim~thank you so much for sharing with us. Wishing you beautiful memories of Stu on Father's Days past, my friend. It certainly doesn't get any easier, does it?
    PS Tim's card is fabulous, you have taught Grasshopper well! ;-)

  10. So glad you took some time to blog. I have missed your beautiful cards and tag posts. Hope to see you back very very soon.
    I am sure today is a very difficult time for you and Tim. Hope you find comfort in your heart that Stewart is your Angel and that he is watching over you and Tim.
    Love the card Tim made. It is so cute and I love the way he colored the sky and water.

  11. It has taken me a while to comment on this post. Father's Day was difficult and that photo of the three of you takes my breath away. LOVE Timmy's coloring and the card for his Grandpa. He is such a Sweet boy, almost as Sweet as his FAB Mom!


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